Sollasi bungalows

4 Person Bungalows
All bungalows are freestanding and offer a high degree of privacy. Each bungalow has a spacious living room, an open fireplace, a colour TV and a semi-open kitchen design. Each bungalow has 2 bedrooms and the bathroom is fitted with a bath, a shower and a toilet. The outside shed is big enough to store bicycles, which are available for rent in the park.

6 Person Bungalows
The comfortable living room has an open fireplace, a colour TV and semi-open kitchen. Each of the 3 bedrooms is furnished with 2 beds. The bathrooms in the 6-person bungalows are also fitted with a bath and shower. A separate toilet is located next to the bathroom. The well-kept gardens offer a high degree of privacy and the outside sheds have ample space for bicycles, beach equipment and other odds and ends.

4 Person Bungalows                          6 Person Bungalows

4P-bungalow Sollasi    6P-bungalow Sollasi