Oosterduinse meer
Sollasi is situated directly at the ‘Oosterduinse Lake’, Le Parage is at one kilometre from the lake. The lake offers possibilities for swimming, fishing or surfing. There is enough shade, in case you prefer to stay out of the sun now and then. At the lake there are several small beaches and recreation meadows for sunbathing. A good place to enjoy the holidays, foor children as well!!
Oosterduinse Meer

Langevelderslag beach
At only 2,5 kilometres’distance the wide beaches of Langevelderslag give you the opportunity to have a nice walk down the seaside, or sunbathe at warm days. Near the beach several small restaurants offer their menus and parking space is sufficiently available. The beach is also easily reached on foot from the campings or bungalow park..
Strand Langevelderslag

At a distance of 2 kilometres you’ll find the centre of Noordwijkerhout. A small village in the heart of the ‘Dutch flower area’. In the ancient centre you’ll find several shops and supermarkets.

Noordwijk is a famous seaside resort with two boulevards directly at the seaside. For all visitors Noordwijk offers a lot of relaxing possibilities: a nice dinner, a night out, golf or midget golf. The distance Noordwijk – Noordwijkerhout is approximately 7 kilometres.

Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen
A unique area with dunes and small water channels. In this area nature, space and tranquillity come together. You are allowed to leave the paths, so you can enjoy nature even more. Another unique experience: make an organized guided excursion by horse and cart.
Fietsen door duinen

Hollands Duin
Hollands Duin is a natural park between Wassenaar and Noordwijk. Woods, open sand spaces and wet dune valleys give this unique area a special appearance. At several areas the sand is allowed to fly about freely. In summer temperatures can increase quite a bit in this ‘Dutch desert’!